Kitchen Sink Mazina™ Tacos


8" Pressed Mazina
Kitchen Sink Mazina™ Tacos

Original Recipe Serves 4

Prep Time 12 min


4 Mission® 8" Pressed Mazina™ Tortillas (08043)  
4 oz. Steak Fries, fried   
1 oz. Roasted Green Bell Pepper , julienne strips 
1 oz. Roasted Red Onion , julienne strips 
4 strips  Bacon , cooked 
1 oz. Colby Jack Cheese finely shredded 
4  Eggs , sunny side up (or to your liking) 
4 tsp.  Scallions , sliced 
1 oz. Ranchera Sauce, spicy (can substitute salsa)   


1.) Lay out 4 warmed tortillas on a clean work surface.

2.) Spread 1 oz. of steak fries evenly across front half of each tortilla.

3.) Sprinkle .25 oz. each of bell peppers and onions evenly over the fries of each tortilla.

4.) Place 1 strip of bacon evenly over the bell peppers and onions of each tortilla.

5.) Sprinkle .25 oz. cheese evenly over the bacon of each tortilla.

6.) Place 1 cooked egg on top the cheese of each tortilla.

7.) Sprinkle 1 tsp. scallion over each egg of each tortilla.

8.) Drizzle each egg and front half of each tortilla with .25 oz. ranchera sauce.

9.) Fold each tortilla in half, creating a soft taco and serve hot. Can be served with garnish of sliced seasonal fruit such as pineapple and papaya.

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