Ying Yang Moons

Ying Yang Moons

Original Recipe Serves 1

Prep Time 10 min
Cooking Time 5 min


1 Mission® 12" Red Sundried Tomato Basil Wrap (18802)  
1 Mission® 12" Spinach Herb Wrap (10251)  
1.5 oz. Lump Crab Meat  
6 Fresh Asparagus Tips, cut in half and blanched 
1.5 oz.  Brie  
5 oz. Grilled Filet Mignon Steaks  
 Hollandaise Sauce , to garnish 


1.) Using 3” cookie cutter, cut Mission® wraps into 3” round circles. Set aside 3 of each flavor. Save remaining for another batch.

2.) Place 3 sundried tomato basil moons on work surface.

3.) Place 4 halved asparagus tips on each sundried tomato basil moon. Top each with ½ ounce of crabmeat and ½ ounce of brie cheese. Close with spinach herb moons.

4.) Place on oiled griddle or flattop on medium heat and cook until both sides are lightly toasted and cheese is melted.

5.) Slice grilled filet into 3¼” medallions and arrange on plate (see photo).

6.) Garnish with hollandaise sauce if desired.

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