Spinach Florentine Wrapidos


12" Spinach Herb
Spinach Florentine Wrapidos

Original Recipe Serves 1

Prep Time 10 min
Cooking Time 1 min


1 each  12" Spinach Herb Wrap (10251)  
1 oz. vol. Hollandaise Sauce , prepared (Custom Culinary) 
4 oz. Liguid Eggs  
1 Tbsp. Frozen Chopped Spinach , thawed and drained 
1 oz. wt. Canadian Bacon , diced 
1 oz. vol. Swiss Cheese , shredded 


1.) Place spinach herb wrap on worksurface. Spread Hollandaise sauce evenly over entire wrap.

2.) Scramble liquid eggs together with chopped spinach and diced Canadian bacon in a sauté pan. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Add shredded Swiss cheese.

3.) Lay scrambled egg mix in center of wrap, leaving bottom 2” open.

4.) Bring bottom of wrap 2” over ingredients. Tightly roll to close, leaving top open ended.

5.) Hold warm or serve immediately.

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