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Meat Alternatives

Cut the Meat, Keep the Craveability

For the many consumers trying to eat less meat, consider meatless options that fully satisfy with heartiness and craveable combinations of flavor. As veggie-packed offerings draw increased interest, so do items featuring convincing mimics of real-deal meats—from plant-based sausages to chicken-like tenders and even fishless fillets. Experiment with enticing ways customers can cut meat consumption without the fear of missing out on a delicious dining experience.

June Fresh Ideas

  • Baja-Style Fishless Vegan Tacos

    Baja-Style Fishless Vegan Tacos

    No catch-of-the-day necessary with breaded fishless fillets, fresh guac and sweet-spicy pineapple pico layered inside a soft 4.5" Mission® Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla. Top with fresh cilantro and serve with lime wedges.

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  • Mozzarella & Meatless Sausage Bar Bites

    Mozzarella & Meatless Sausage Bar Bites

    Strips of 6.5" Mission® Grill-Ready™ Tortillas create a crispy, craveable offering wrapped around creamy, melting mozzarella and spicy plant-based Italian sausage. Fry to golden-brown perfection, brush with garlic butter and serve with marinara.

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  • Pimento Cheese & Crispy Tenders Quesadilla

    Pimento Cheese & Crispy Tenders Quesadilla

    Southern-inspired comfort food invites meatless eaters with a smoky 12" Mission® Chipotle Chile Wrap, pimento and Mexican cheeses, and crispy breaded meatless tenders. Griddle until toasted and melty. Serve with lime crema and tomato salsa.

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