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Hispanic Heritage

Heritage Can Be Rather Delicious

Give your patrons something to celebrate this month with incredibly tasty Hispanic recipes. These dishes continue to grow in popularity in the U.S. as a wide variety of consumers become more adventurous with the less-known (and soon to be addictive) Hispanic flavors and textures. This is the time for you to explore, discover, and delight.


Hispanic Heritage
  • Mexican Corn Croquette Tacos

    Pack even more sensational taste into your menu with crispy, delicious corn and cotija croquettes served atop a warm Mission® 6" Mazina™ Tortilla with queso fresco, purple cabbage and a nice crema garnished with smoked paprika.

  • Chipotle Pinto Bean Crispy Tacos

    Savory gets a fresh dose of heat in a crispy, just-fried Mission® 6" Yellow Corn Tortilla stuffed full of pinto beans, chipotle puree, and bacon all topped with Serrano Corn Salsa, cheese and wonderfully fresh jalapeño.

  • Achiote-Tuna Enchiladas

    A bit of the sea and a whole lot of Hispanic flavor meet in this dish featuring sautéd tuna complemented with the incredible flavors of garlic, salsa rojo, achiote, cilantro, olives, lime juice, and sweet corn served atop Mission® 6" Yellow Corn Tortillas.


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