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Stunt Food

Add More Drama to Delicious

From bacon milkshakes to chicken-on-the-outside sandwiches, Frankenstein foods are still popping up on menus to give people plenty to talk about—most likely with their mouths full. So what’s the wild thing you’ll become known for? Take off the guardrails, throw out the rule book and create something with a little shock and awe.


Stunt Food
  • Bacon Weave Taco

    They’ve never seen a taco like this: a woven bacon “taco shell” creates a crisp, savory outer layer with a soft inner layer of jalapeño cream cheese and a Mission® 8" Pressed Tortilla filled with pulled chicken, Mexican veggies, cheddar cheese and Mission Tri-Color Thin Strips.

    See full recipe.

  • Birthday in a Taco

    Seriously celebratory, fried Mission® 6" Pressed Tortilla taco shells are filled with birthday cake ice cream and half-coated with a white chocolate and rainbow sprinkle crust. Served with a drizzle of fruity cereal milk glaze and classic ice cream toppings.

    See full recipe.

  • Volcano Taco Salad

    Traditional taco salad goes topsy turvy in a fried Mission 12" Fry-ReadyTM Tortilla bowl—layered with traditional taco salad ingredients, inverted onto a plate and smothered with chipotle nacho cheese, bacon, corn and queso fresco.

    See full recipe.

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