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From the convenience of grab-and-go to the desire for something different, street food trends are taking over and creating a unique experience customers can’t get enough of. Whether you’re operating from a food truck or cooking from your restaurant’s kitchen, bringing a little street-style inspiration to your menu is easy with the help of these recipe ideas. 

Street Food Truck
  • Andouille Sausage Corn Dog 

    A spicy Creole-seasoned Andouille sausage placed on a stick, lightly battered, rolled in crushed tortilla chips, and deep-fried until hot and golden. All served up with a Creamy Cajun Remoulade Sauce for dipping.

  • BBQ Pork Mini Chimi with Slaw 

    This BBQ mini chimi is filled with tender, Smoked Pulled Pork that’s been tossed in a rich, slow-simmered Kansas-City-style BBQ sauce. It’s then portioned on a Mission Mazina 6” tortilla, rolled into small burrito, and served deep fried and crispy with a side of Creamy Scallion Slaw.

  • Mini Deep-fried PB & Banana Taquitos

    These mini PB & Banana taquitos are the perfect snack — filled with crunchy-style peanut butter, honey, and chunks of fresh banana. All served with chunky Cherry-Berry Sauce for dunking.

  • Chalupas Poblanas 

    Multiple Mission® 4.5" White Corn Tortillas topped with salsa roja or salsa verde followed by chopped white onions and tender shredded chicken and pan fried until golden brown. Served hot with a light sprinkle of creamy queso fresco.

  • Chicken Tikka Boti 

    Chicken marinated in ginger, garlic paste, turmeric, cumin, chili powder, yogurt and lemon juice, skewered and char-grilled to perfection with green peppers and onions, and placed in Mission® 8" Heat Pressed Flour Tortillas with shredded bibb lettuce, fresh tomatoes, oregano and cilantro. 

  • Chipotle Shrimp Street Tacos

    Large shrimp are sautéed in a spicy and rich Chipotle compound butter, a blended mixture of shallot, Chipotle peppers in Adobo, lime juice, and butter. They are then nestled in golden-fried, Mission® 4.5” Flour Tortillas over crunchy shredded purple cabbage and topped with grilled pineapple pieces and handpicked cilantro leaves.

  • Meatless Mushroom Street Tacos

    Mission® 4.5” Flour Tortillas stuffed with tender, smoked sun-dried tomato quinoa, layered with melted Jalapeño Jack cheese, and topped with a savory wild mushroom mixture of Oyster, Shitake, and Cremini mushrooms sautéed with roasted Poblano pepper strips and onion.

  • Street Tacos de Carne Asada

    Traditional flame-grilled, Marinated Carne Asada Steak sliced thin, chopped, and placed in warm Mission® 4.5” Flour Tortillas. All topped with thin sliced fresh radish, grilled scallions, and crumbled Cotija cheese. Serve with choice of two unique salsas: Salsa Rojo and Salsa Verde.

  • Ancho Honey Glazed Strawberry Chips

    Fresh strawberries tossed in a glaze of honey, spicy Ancho chili powder and black pepper. Served alongside whipped cream and a buttery, baked Mission® 6" Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla cut into wedges and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

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