Asian Duck Spring Rolls


10" Pressed
Asian Duck Spring Rolls

Original Recipe Serves 4


8 Mission® 10" Heat Pressed Flour Tortillas (10420)  
4 oz.  Bok Choy , brunoise 
8 oz.  Carrots , julienne 
4 tsp.  Garlic , minced 
8 oz. Cooked Duck Breast , cut into 1 oz. slices 
2  Eggs , beaten 
4 cups  Spring Mix  
 Vegetable Oil for frying 
1/3 cup Black Sesame Seeds  
1/3 cup White Sesame Seeds  
1 batch Asian Peach Vinaigrette (see Related Recipe) 


1.) Cut the Mission® Flour Tortillas into 6” squares.

2.) Mix together the bok choy, four ounces of carrots and the garlic. Spread one ounce of the vegetable mix across the center of each tortilla square.

3.) Lay one ounce of the duck over the vegetables of each tortilla.

4.) Brush the egg wash over the top edge of the tortillas and roll tightly leaving the ends open, hold for 10 seconds to secure the seam, then set aside.

5.) Blanch the remaining carrots then combine with the spring mix.

6.) Toss the spring mix with ½ of the Asian Peach Vinaigrette.

7.) Fry the assembled rolls in 350º F oil for 3-4 minutes or until golden brown. Combine the black and white sesame seeds. Roll the spring rolls in the sesame seeds while still hot and moist.

8.) Place one cup of the spring mix in the center of each plate. Drizzle some of the remaining Asian Peach Vinaigrette on the plate around the greens. Top the salad with two spring rolls.

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