PB, Fruit & Nut Pinwheels

PB, Fruit & Nut Pinwheels

Original Recipe Serves 50

Prep Time 5 min
Cooking Time 0 min


17 each  12" Hearty Grains Ultra Tortillas (33826)  
68 oz.  Peanut Butter , reduced fat 
21.25 oz. Dehydrated Fruit & Nut Mix , commercially prepared   
21.25 oz. Spreadable All-Fruit Preserves , transferred to squeeze bottle 
50 oz. Low-Fat Yogurt , vanilla or strawberry 


1.) Place tortillas on flat work surface, spread each evenly with 4 oz. reduced fat peanut butter, sprinkle each with 2.5 oz fruit & nut mix, and squeeze fruit preserves evenly over top. Roll tightly lengthwise, refrigerate for 30 minutes and then slice each into 12 to 13 pieces.

2.) Serving Instructions: Serve 4 pieces with 1 oz. low-fat yogurt for dipping.

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