Almond Pesto and Marinated Chickpea Protein Wrap

Almond Pesto and Marinated Chickpea Protein Wrap

Original Recipe Serves 12


12 each  10" Hearty Grains Tortillas (33825)  
2 1/4 cups Almond Pesto, see related recipe   
18 oz. Heirloom tri-colored Grape Tomatoes , sliced 
9 oz.  Red Onions , thin sliced 
12 oz.  Mozzarella pearls 
6 cups Citrus Marinated Chickpeas , see related recipe 
9 oz. Baby Spinach greens, washed 


1.) To build wrap, spread one tortilla with 3 tbsp. of the almond pesto, and top with 1 ½ oz. grape tomatoes, ¼ cup red onion slices, ¾ oz. baby spinach greens, 1 oz. mozzarella pearls, and ½ cup of the Citrus Marinated Chickpeas.

2.) Fold into a wrap and serve.

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