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The Kids Menu


With a combination of flavors and variety of better-for-you options, updated kids menus are a top trend today. Create a kids menu both parents and children will approve of with a twist on the traditional from these five family friendly offerings.

On the Kids Menu
  • Chili Cheese Wrapped Dogs

    A lean turkey hot dog is wrapped with a quarter wedge of a 10” Hearty Grains™ tortilla, brushed with egg wash, sprinkled with reduced fat Cheddar cheese, and dusted with chili seasoning. Baked until crisp and cheesy, and served with sweet potato tater tots and veggie sticks.

  • Peanut Butter Banana Pocket 

    A pocket made from two Mission® 12" Hearty Grains™ Tortillas is filled with smashed banana, creamy peanut butter and a touch of honey. Toasted in the oven until golden brown and lightly dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

  • Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast Pizza 

    An individual-sized Mission® Healthy Grains™ 8” tortilla topped with reduced fat Swiss cheese and layered with fluffy Green Scrambled Egg Whites infused with pureed and strained cooked spinach. It makes the eggs a healthy green and full of additional nutrients. Top all that with pieces of deli-sliced smoked ham, melted Swiss, and Parmesan cheese and baked until the crust is crispy and delicious. Served with fresh sliced fruit.

  • Mini Deep Dish Tortilla Pizza 

    A Mission® 12" Whole Wheat Wrap cut into small circles and baked in a muffin pan with tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. Garnished with Parmesan cheese and fresh basil.

  • Crispy Fried Shrimp Quesadilla 

    Batter-fried popcorn shrimp and Cheddar cheese layered inside a folded Mission® 10" Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla and grilled until the cheese is melted. Served with fresh Pico de Gallo  and a cool ranch dipping sauce on the side.

  • Breakfast Skewers 

    Skewers filled with thick breakfast sausage rounds, sliced strawberries and bananas wrapped in Mission® Grill-Ready™ Par-Baked Tortillas that have been battered French-toast style and griddled until golden brown. Drizzled with maple syrup and confectioners sugar.

  • Honey-Sesame Chicken Egg Roll

    Shredded tender carrots and sticky honey-sesame glazed white breast meat rolled in a 8” Mission® Hearty Grains™ tortilla, brushed with egg wash, sprinkled with eye-catching black sesame seeds, and baked until crispy on the outside and hot and delicious on the inside. Served with fresh sugar snap peas and savory brown rice.

  • Cinnamon Sugar Sopapilla

    A Mission® 4.5" Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla brushed with melted butter and cinnamon sugar that’s baked until puffy and crisp. Served alongside a scoop of honey-drizzled vanilla ice cream.

  • Spaghetti & Meatball Burrito

    Warm Mission® 10” Red Tomato Basil Wrap loaded with al dente spaghetti noodles and smothered with hot marinara sauce, lean Italian turkey meatballs, and shredded Mozzarella cheese. All wrapped up burrito-style, sprinkled with garlic & parsley seasoning, and served with steamed green beans.

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