Grilled Bison Fajitas


6" Pressed Mazina
Grilled Bison Fajitas

Original Recipe Serves 8

Prep Time 150 min
Cooking Time 15 min


4 cloves  Garlic , minced 
.25 tsp.  Salt  
5 Tbsp.  Vegetable Oil  
1 Tbsp. Whole Cumin Seed 
1  Jalapeno Pepper , minced 
1 Tbsp. Ground Pepper  
1 Tbsp. Ground Coriander  
2.5 lbs.  Bison Filets, marinated 
1 slice White Onion , ¼" thick 
2 slices Green Bell Peppers , ¼" thick 
2 slices Orange Bell Peppers , ¼" thick 
2 slices Red Bell Peppers , ¼" thick 
3 Tbsp.  Lime Juice  
2 oz. Fresh Cilantro , chopped 
36 Mission® 6" Pressed Mazina™ Tortillas (08042)  
10 oz.  Guacamole  


1.) With mortar and pestle, mash three of the garlic cloves and salt to a paste.

2.) In a baking dish, combine paste with lime juice, three tablespoons of vegetable oil, cumin seed, jalapenos and pepper.

3.) Add bison filets and let marinade for two hours at room temperature, turning filets twice.

4.) In a large skillet, heat two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Sauté the onions and peppers.

5.) Add remaining garlic, stir for two minutes and remove. Add coriander and toss to combine. Keep warm.

6.) Drain meat and pat dry. Grill 2-3 minutes per side until medium rare (bison is best at medium rare).

7.) Remove and let stand for 3-5 minutes. Cut diagonally into one-eighth inch slices and serve with juices.

8.) Place bison and vegetable mixture on a preheated Mission® Mazina™ Tortilla. Garnish with cilantro and guacamole. Repeat with remaining tortillas.

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