Sweet and Savory

  • Fresh Ideas: Sweet and Savory

    Ever since bacon first met chocolate, sweet and savory combinations have been thrilling taste buds in a range of cuisines. As this dynamic duo continues to converge in the same dishes, the adventurous feel builds through deeply complex flavors and unexpected spice. Discover a delicious balancing act with a few recipes that will help you explore both sides of flavor.

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  • FEATURED PRODUCT: Super Soft Corn Tortillas

    NEW Super Soft Corn Tortillas—pliable, super soft and no longer just in the grocery aisle.

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  • Featured Recipe Program: Food Truck

    From the convenience of grab-and-go to the desire for something different, street food trends are taking over and creating a unique experience customers can’t get enough of. Whether you’re operating from a food truck or cooking from your restaurant’s kitchen, bringing a little street-style inspiration to your menu is easy with the help of these recipe ideas.

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Flour Tortillas

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