Authentic Oaxacan

  • More Than Mexican Inspired

    Oaxaca, “the land of seven moles,” is known as one of Mexico’s most authentic food towns. With a recent revitalization of its culinary legacy, Oaxaca is back on the map. Contemporary takes on heritage recipes and regional foods continue to inspire menus around the world and easily translate to American taste buds.

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  • FEATURED PRODUCT: Mission® 8" Heat Pressed Tortilla

    Soft pliability makes these tortillas perfect for rolling and folding into just about any shape with fillings limited only by your imagination.

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  • Featured Recipe Program: Food Truck

    From the convenience of grab-and-go to the desire for something different, street food trends are taking over and creating a unique experience customers can’t get enough of. Whether you’re operating from a food truck or cooking from your restaurant’s kitchen, bringing a little street-style inspiration to your menu is easy with the help of these recipe ideas.

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