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Herb de Provence Goat Cheese Tortilla “Terrine”


12" Tomato Basil
Herb de Provence Goat Cheese Tortilla “Terrine”

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3 each  12" Tomato Basil Wraps (10250)  
7 oz. Goat / Chevre Cheese  
7 oz.  Cream Cheese  
1 1/2 tsp.  Herbes de Provence  
2 each Large Eggs  
8 oz. vol. Blanched White Potatoes skinned and cut into 2" batons 
6 oz. wt. Herbes de Provence Roasted Chicken, see recipe 
7 oz. vol. Zucchini skins, julienne/matchstick cut into 2" strips  
6 oz. vol. Yellow Squash skins, julienne/matchestick cut into 2" strips 
10 oz. vol. Mixed Greens  
1 1/2 oz. vol. Sundried Tomatoes or Balsamic Vinaigrette 


1.) Spray 11 x 3 ½”” terrine mold with pan spray.

2.) Line terrine with plastic wrap leaving enough overhang to seal. Press plastic wrap against sides of terrine so there are no air pockets.

3.) Heat 3 each sundried tomato basil tortillas and carefully layer across entire terrine mold (tortillas will overlap).

4.) Gently press tortillas down on all sides against plastic wrap, making sure not to tear tortillas.

5.) Tortillas should be flush against all sides of the terrine. (tortillas should be slightly higher than height of terrine to close at the end)

6.) Spread 3 oz. of goat cheese custard evenly over bottom of tortillas.

7.) Lay potato batons in a single layer across entire terrine, not overlapping. Gently press potatoes into custard.

8.) Spread potatoes with 2 oz. of custard.

9.) Lay pulled chicken evenly across potatoes, again, gently press chicken gently into custard and potatoes. (Pressing after each layer should help reduce any air pockets.)

10.) Spread chicken with 2 oz. of custard.

11.) Single layer green beans over chicken.

12.) Spread 2 oz. of custard over green beans.

13.) Layer zucchini and squash strips evenly over custard and again gently press to avoid air pockets.

14.) Carefully bring edges of tortillas towards center of terrine to completely enclose. Brush off any access custard if needed.

15.) Tightly Seal terrine with plastic wrap.

16.) Cover terrine with a lid and place terrine in a water bath.

17.) Place in 300F oven for approximately 70-90 minutes or until custard is set.

18.) Remove from oven and remove from water bath.

19.) Cool slightly. Remove lid and store refrigerated with a 2# plate press.

20.) Let the terrine rest at least overnight and up to 2 days.

21.) When ready to serve, gently run a butter knife around all sides of mold to loosen terrine.

22.) Flip over to cutting board and remove plastic wrap leaving seam side down on cutting board.

23.) Slice into 1/12’s.

24.) To serve place field greens in center of plate. Top greens with 2 slices of tortilla terrine. (Hold remaining terrine for later use)

25.) Drizzle with sundried tomato oil and or balsamic vinaigrette.

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