Enchilada Chicken Salad Wrap


12" Jalapeño Cheese
White Thin Strips
Enchilada Chicken Salad Wrap

Original Recipe Serves 1

Prep Time 30 min


6 oz. vol. Pre-cut Unfried White Corn Tortilla Strips (06771)  
1 each  12" Jalapeño Cheese Wrap (10256)  
1 Tbsp.  Sour Cream  
10 oz. vol. Iceberg Lettuce , shredded 
to dust Chile Powder  
3 oz. vol. Diced Tomatoes  
1 oz. vol. Fresh Avocado , sliced 
1 1/2 oz. vol. Yellow Onions , chopped 
1 1/2 oz. vol. White Cheddar Cheese , shredded 
2 oz. vol. Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette  
3 oz. vol. Smoked Chicken , shredded 
1 oz. vol. Enchilada Sauce , see related recipe 


1.) Fry white tortilla strips and season with salt and chili powder. Set aside.

2.) Place jalapeno cheddar wrap on work surface. Cut a 12 o clock line towards center of wrap. Roll into a cone shape and place in a cone holder.

3.) Drizzle inside of wrap with sour cream.

4.) Place iceberg lettuce, seasoned tortilla strips, tomatoes, avocado, onions and shredded white cheddar cheese in mixing bowl. Drizzle with cilantro lime vinaigrette and toss to coat.

5.) Place salad in jalapeno cheddar cone.

6.) Toss shredded chicken in enchilada sauce and place in the center of cone to serve.

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