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BLT Rolls


12" Pressed
12" Pressed
BLT Rolls

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Original Recipe Serves 3


3 Mission® 12" Heat Pressed Flour Tortillas (10430)  
8 oz. package Vegetable Cream Cheese , room temperature 
16 leaves  Spinach  
2/3 lbs.  Canadian Bacon , sliced 1/8" thick 
1  Avocado , thinly sliced and dipped in lemon juice 
15 slices crisp Bacon , crumbled 


1.) Place the tortillas on a work surface and spread each with cream cheese. Arrange spinach leaves over 2/3 of the cream cheese leaving the bottom 1/3 with cream cheese only. Top spinach with remaining ingredients in the order listed.

2.) Beginning with the end covered with filling, roll the tortilla into a tight roll toward the end covered with cream cheese only. Cut rolls into 6 1" thick slices for snacks or in halves for lunches.

3.) This recipe is for 3 entrees or eighteen pieces.

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