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Mini Roasted Vegetable Barley Burritos


8" Pressed
Mini Roasted Vegetable Barley Burritos

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Original Recipe Serves 2
Prep Time 30 min
Cooking Time 5 min


2 each  8" Heat Pressed Flour Tortillas (10410)  
2 oz. vol. * Fennel , thinly sliced and roasted 
2 oz. vol. * Portabella Mushrooms , gills removed and roasted 
2 oz. vol. * Red Bell Peppers , roasted 
4 oz. vol. * Barley , fully cooked 
2.5 oz. vol. Fontina Cheese , shredded 


1.) Place tortillas on worksurface. Spread 2 oz. barley over each tortilla.

2.) Place 1 oz. roasted portabella, 1 oz. fennel, 1 oz. red pepper and 1 oz. Fontina in the center of tortilla.

3.) Bring left and right sides towards the center and tightly roll. Sprinkle 1 Tbsp. of Fontina on the edge of tortilla to close.

4.) Place on preheated flattop, griddle or in oven until lightly toasted and heated throughout.

5.) Cut in half on a bias and serve immediately.

6.) *Note: Coat vegetables in a garlic herb vinaigrette for extra flavor. Cook barley in vegetable stock and lemon juice for extra flavor.

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