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5 Layer Crunchy Croque Señora

5 Layer Crunchy Croque Señora

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5 each Mission 6" Super Soft™ Corn Tortilla   
2 oz. Refried Beans  
2.5 oz. Smoked Hams (deli sliced) 
2 oz. Gruyere Bechamel Sauce   
1 each Jalapeño-parmesan crisp   
1.5 oz. Salsa verde  (store bought) 


1.) Pre-heat griddle to medium/high

2.) Warm your tortillas

3.) This will be built from the bottom up

4.) Start with a corn tortilla as the bottom layer, followed by refried beans, corn tortilla, smoked ham, corn tortilla, gruyere bechamel sauce, corn tortilla, jalapeño-parmesan crisp, corn tortilla

5.) Place on hot griddle for 4 minutes per side, covered

6.) Once it’s all hot and griddled, top with salsa verde and serve


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