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Black Bean Puree

Black Bean Puree

Scale Your Recipe


1 1/2 cups Yellow Onions , chopped 
2/3 cup Green Onions  , sliced 
1 each Jalapeno Pepper , diced 
1 Tbsp.  Garlic , minced 
2 cups Black Beans , soaked overnight and drained 
1/2 tsp. Cumin   
2 Tbsp. Bacon Fat   
1 Bay Leaf   
7 cups  Water  


1.) Place all ingredients into large stockpot.

2.) Fill pot with 7 cups of water.

3.) Cook on medium low heat approximately 2 hours or until completely tender.

4.) Cool slightly.

5.) Place in blender on low speed.

6.) Gradually increase speed and blend until smooth.

7.) Season with salt to taste.


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