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Orange Beet Slaw

Orange Beet Slaw

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Cooking Time 10 min


1/2 cup  Yogurt , plain 
1 Tbsp.  Sesame Oil  
1/4 cup  Orange Juice  
1 Tbsp.  Lime Zest  
2 Tbsp.  Orange Zest  
2 Tbsp.  Rice Vinegar  
1 cup  Beet , cooked, shredded 
2 cups Green Cabbage , shredded 
1/2 cup  Green Onion , slivered 
1/2 cup  Pistachios , chopped 


1.) In a bowl, combine yogurt, sesame oil, orange juice, zests, and rice vinegar. Mix well to combine. Toss remaining ingredients in dressing and refrigerate for service.


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