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Piri Piri Chicken Chili

Piri Piri Chicken Chili

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1/4 cup Liquid Butter   
2 lbs. Fresh Chicken Tenderloins 
1/2 cup Hot Piri Piri Sauce (Nandos)   
3 1/2 cups Yellow Onions , minced 
2 Tbsp.  Garlic , minced 
3/4 cup  Red Peppers , diced 
1 1/2 Tbsp. Chicken  Base 
3/4 cup Medium Piri Piri Sauce (Nandos)   
6 cups  Water  
31 oz. Chickpeas , drained and rinsed   
15.5 oz. Northern Beans , drained , rinsed and pureed 
2 oz. National Starch #466   
3 oz.  Water  


1.) Marinate chicken tenderloins in ½ cup of hot piri piri sauce refrigerated overnight in a covered storage container.

2.) Heat 2Tbsp. liquid butter in a medium size stockpot over medium heat.

3.) Add chicken and cook until golden brown on all sides and chicken is just cooked. Remove chicken from pot and set aside to cool slightly.

4.) Add remaining liquid butter and add onions, garlic and red peppers. Saute and pick up browned bits on bottom of pot. Add northern beans, chicken base and remaining piri piri sauce.

5.) Stir to dissolve chicken base.

6.) Add water and bring to a simmer. Add remaining beans and slice piri piri chicken.

7.) Add to pot and simmer 20-30 minutes.

8.) In a small separate bowl whisk together starch and water. Stir to dissolve.

9.) Slowly whisk in starch liquid.

10.) Bring chili back to a simmer and shut off heat.

11.) Hold warm for nachos.

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