Chicken Yakitori Soft Tacos


6" Pressed
Chicken Yakitori Soft Tacos

Original Recipe Serves 2

Prep Time 45 min
Cooking Time 13 min


2 each  6" Heat Pressed Flour Tortillas (10400)  
4 oz. vol. Shitake Steamed Rice , see related recipe 
3 oz. vol. * Asparagus Strips, cut in 2 1/2" length 
3 oz. vol. Leeks , cut in 2 1/2" thin strips 
Seasoned Flour to taste 
4 oz. vol. Mirin Soy Glaze, see related recipe   
3 oz. wt. Boneless Skinless Chicken  Thigh and Breast Meat 
2 each Bamboo Skewers, soaked in water   


1.) Cut chicken meat into 1/4” strips approximately 4- 6” in length.

2.) Thread 1 ½ oz. of chicken meat onto each skewer and place in 1/3 pan.

3.) Pour half of marinade over chicken skewers and marinate up to 24 hours in advance.

4.) When ready to serve, remove skewers from marinade and place on seasoned hot grill.

5.) Rotate skewers and cook until proper internal temperature is reached. Remove skewers from grill and brush with glaze.

6.) Toss asparagus and leeks into seasoned flour and shake off excess flour. Fry asparagus and leeks until just lightly golden. Remove from fryer and drain.

7.) Heat tortillas on grill or flattop and place on work surface.

8.) Place 2 oz. of shitake steamed rice in center of tortilla.

9.) Top each with crispy asparagus and leeks.

10.) Finish each soft taco with yakitori chicken skewer and serve with remaining glaze. * Asparagus may vary in size depending on the season.

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