Chicken Tikka Taco Sliders


4.5" White Corn 8 oz.
Chicken Tikka Taco Sliders


3 Mission® 4.5" White Corn Tortillas (20123)  
1.5 oz. Tikka Masala Yogurt  (see Related Recipe) 
3.5 oz. Chicken Tikka  (see Related Recipe) 
3/4 oz. English Cucumber Rajita  (see Related Recipe) 
1.5 oz. Diced Mangos  
Red Bell Pepper to garnish 


1.) Heat Mission® White Corn Tortillas on flattop.

2.) Place tortillas on plate.

3.) Drizzle one-half ounce of Tikka Masala Yogurt in the center of each tortilla.

4.) Top each with 1.2 ounces of Chicken Tikka, one-half ounce of English Cucumber Rajita, one-half ounce of diced mangos and red bell peppers.

5.) Fold over to serve.

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