Greek Farro Salad Wrap

Greek Farro Salad Wrap

Original Recipe Serves 12

Prep Time 5 min


12 each  8" Hearty Grains Ultra Tortillas (33824)  
1 qt.  Farro , cooked 
4 oz.  Cherry Tomatoes , roasted 
4 oz.  Zucchini , roasted, diced 
1 oz.  Red Onion , sliced 
2 Tbsp.  Basil , chiffonade 
1 Tbsp.  Oregano , fresh, chopped 
1/4 cup  Feta , crumbles 
1 each  Lemon , zest 
 Salt , as needed 
 Pepper , as needed 
12 oz. Tzatziki Sauce, see related recipe   
 Arugula , fresh, as needed 


1.) To prepare the farro salad, add farro, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, red onion, basil, oregano, feta crumbles, and lemon zest into a mixing bowl. Mix until combined.

2.) Season with salt and pepper to taste and reserve cold for service.

3.) To prepare one wrap, add ½ cup of the farro salad mixture to the tortilla, 1 oz. Tzatziki Sauce and a three-finger pinch of arugula greens. Roll filled tortilla into a wrap.

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