Basque Spiced Quesadilla


10" Pressed
Basque Spiced Quesadilla

Original Recipe Serves 12


24 each  10" Heat Pressed Flour Tortillas (10420)  
As needed Espelette Rub, see related recipe   
3 1/2 lbs. Flat iron Steaks  
3 3/4 lbs.  Queso Fresco , crumbles 
1 1/2 lbs.  Cherry Tomatoes , slightly charred 
3/4 cup Fresh Parsley , chopped 
3 cups Espelette Crema, see related recipe   


1.) Season flat iron steaks generously with Espelette Rub and grill or pan sear until desired doneness. Reserve hot for service.

2.) To assemble one quesadilla, on a 10” Mission® Pressed Tortilla, layer 2 ½ oz. of queso fresco crumbles, 2 oz. of cherry tomatoes, 4 oz. of grilled steak, 1 tbsp. of parsley and an additional 2 ½ oz. of queso fresco crumbles. Top with a second tortilla and griddle or press until cheese has melted.

3.) Cut the prepared quesadilla into quarters and serve with a 2 oz. portion of Espelette Crema on the side for dipping.

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