Hearty Grains Reuben Wrap

Hearty Grains Reuben Wrap

Original Recipe Serves 1


1 Mission® 10" Hearty Grains Ultra Tortilla (33825)  
2 Tbsp. "Country Style" Dijon Mustard  
1 tsp. Whole Caraway Seeds  
3/4 cup  Sauerkraut , drained 
3/4 cup Lean Pastrami , sliced 
2 slices Swiss Cheese  
4 slices Kosher Dill Pickles  
2 slices Red Onions  


1.) Heat Mission® Reduced Carb Whole Wheat Wrap until warm and pliable. Lay the wrap on a flat work surface. Spread the mustard across the wrap and sprinkle with the Caraway seeds. Spread the sauerkraut across the wrap and layer with the sliced Pastrami, Swiss cheese, pickles and onions.

2.) Roll the wrap as you would a burrito, with one end open.

3.) Can be served hot or cold.

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