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Free Form Fall Harvest Tacos


6" Variety Pack, Corn 7 oz.
Free Form Fall Harvest Tacos

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Original Recipe Serves 5
Prep Time 20 min
Cooking Time 210 min


12 each  6" Tri-Color Corn Tortillas (07983)  
3 1/2 lbs. Boston Pork Butt   
1 cup Dry Vermouth   
1 1/2 tsp. Kosher Salt  
2 tsp. Black Pepper   
1/4 cup Fresh Rosemary , chopped  
3 Tbsp. Fresh Garlic , minced   
2 1/2 cups Fresh Fennel Bulb , finely chopped   
2 cups Sweet Onions , finely chopped   
1 batch Roasted Vegetables , see related recipe    
1 1/2 oz. vol. Citrus Pepper Crema , see related recipe   


1.) Bring corn tortillas to room temperature.

2.) Season pork butt with salt and pepper. Toss all vegetables and herbs together in mixing bowl with vermouth.

3.) Pour half of vegetables in roasting pan. Place pork on top of vegetables and coat pork with remaining vegetables.

4.) Roast pork uncovered in 425F approximately 30 minutes. Cover pan and reduce heat to 300F. Continue cooking approximately 3 hours or until pork is fork tender. Remove from oven and shred pork. Leave pork in juices and hold hot for service.

5.) While pork is cooking, drop corn tortillas into fryer one at a time. Quickly press center of tortillas with tongs to shape free form tacos. Continue cooking until bubbles begin to subside.

6.) Remove from fryer and drain.

7.) Fill each taco with 1 ½ oz. of veg. and 1 ½ oz. of pork.

8.) Serve with a side of citrus pepper crema.

9.) Garnish with fresh rosemary.

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