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Seville Stuffed Waffles


8" Pressed
Seville Stuffed Waffles

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Original Recipe Serves 1
Prep Time 30 min
Cooking Time 4 min


2 Mission® 8" Heat Pressed Flour Tortillas (10410)  
3 tsp. Saffron Infused Roasted Garlic Butter, softened  (see Related Recipe) 
3/4 oz. Goat Cheese  
6 oz. Scrambled Eggs  
3 slices Serrano Hams , thinly sliced 
2 oz. Tri-Color Roasted Pepper Salsa  (see Related Recipe) 


1.) Preheat Belgian waffle maker.

2.) Brush each Mission® Flour Tortilla with 1½ teaspoon of Saffron Infused Roasted Garlic Butter. Place buttered sides together, and place plain side down on work surface.

3.) Spread goat cheese evenly over second side of tortilla. Top with scrambled eggs, and Serrano ham.

4.) Place ingredient topped tortilla on Belgian waffle maker, buttered side down.

5.) Top with second tortilla, butter side up.

6.) Press waffle maker down to close, and cook until tortilla is toasted, approximately 3 minutes. Press down if necessary.

7.) Remove from waffle maker and cut waffle quesadilla into quarters.

8.) Serve with Tri-Color Roasted Pepper Salsa. If Serrano ham is unavailable, substitute with prosciutto.

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