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PB Chipotle-Orange Chicken Tacos

PB Chipotle-Orange Chicken Tacos

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Original Recipe Serves 10
Prep Time 15 min
Cooking Time 15 min


10 each  5.5” Super Soft Yellow Corn Tortillas (39258)  
3 oz.  Peanut Butter , creamy 
5 oz.  Chicken chunks, marinated and roasted, see related recipe 
1 oz.  Avocado Chunks 
1 oz.  Salsa Roja 
10 each  Limes Wedges 
As needed  Cilantro Leaves 


1.) Pre-heat oven to 425F.

2.) Marinated chicken thighs: whisk all of the ingredients for the marinade and toss the chicken thighs with it; let it sit overnight.

3.) Roast the chicken thighs in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until the internal temperature reads 165F.

4.) Cut into small chunks.

5.) Using a 4” cookie cutter, cut each tortilla into the desired size.

6.) To build each taco: on one warm tortilla, spread 0.3 oz of creamy Peanut Butter, place 0.5 oz of roasted chicken thighs, 0.5 oz of avocado chunks, 0.1 oz of red onion, 0.1 oz of salsa roja and garnish with cilantro leaves.

7.) Serve each taco with a fresh lime wedge.

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