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Rethink Protein in 2019

Plant-Based and Full of Taste

With a new year in full swing, resolutions are top of mind. Resolve to give customers something plant-based to crave whether they’re newly searching for vegetarian choices, observing meatless Monday or simply aiming to try new things. See how rethinking protein to focus on plants can be just as flavorful and attention-grabbing as traditional protein options.

Rethink Protein in 2019
  • Avocado Tostada

    A 6" Mission® Traditional Hearty Grains™ Ultra Tortilla serves as the crispy base for this surprising plant-based tostada spotlighting a colorful layer of avocado and roasted pepita purée topped with a fresh mango, pineapple and red pepper pico de gallo.

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  • Almond Pesto and Marinated Chickpea Protein Wrap

    Citrus- and herb-marinated chickpeas add a plant-based protein twist to this veggie-filled wrap featuring savory almond pesto, baby spinach, grape tomatoes, red onion and mozzarella pearls folded in a 10" Mission® Traditional Hearty Grains™ Ultra Tortilla.

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  • Bourbon BBQ Jackfruit Tacos

    Fruit makes an unexpected appearance as a plant-based protein in these forward-thinking tacos featuring shredded jackfruit simmered in a bourbon BBQ sauce and a vibrant cabbage and jicama slaw with a dollop of Greek yogurt in 6" Mission® Traditional Hearty Grains™ Ultra Tortillas.  

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