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Mexican Heritage: Cheese

Mexican Heritage: Cheese

Mexican food presents itself in many comforting ways while also touting big flavors. This magic is created with layers, including one ingredient that has its own universal language—cheese. Just to name a few: hard, salty Cotjia cheese is perfect for crumbling; soft, mild Chihuahua known for easy melting; and aged cheese imparts sharp saltiness (and is typically rolled in paprika for additional flavor). With unique tastes and textures, Mexican cheeses offer the perfect authentic crowning touch across the menu, from authentic dishes to inspiring mashups.

August Fresh Ideas

  • Mini Tortilla Sopes with Cotija Cheese

    Mini Tortilla Sopes with Cotija Cheese

    Offer up a little classic that’s new to your app menu. Deep-fry 4.5" Mission® Heat Pressed Flour Tortillas until they puff up to resemble sopes, then top with fresh guacamole, crispy fried pork belly, plenty of Cotija cheese and a wedge of fresh lime.

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  • Chihuahua Chile Relleno Tacos

    Chihuahua Chile Relleno Tacos

    Two Mexican-style classics converge for delicious portability. Fill a roasted poblano pepper with seasoned ground beef, cover with Chihuahua cheese and serve in a warm 8" Mission® Pressed Mazina® Tortilla with pickled red onion and fresh cilantro.

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  • Chicken Tinga & Añejo Huaraches

    Chicken Tinga & Añejo Huaraches

    This burrito knows no bounds with stir-fried mushrooms, eggs, rice and scallions nestled into a warm 12" Mission® Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla with Korean spicy pork. Roll it up and serve with warm Gochujang Sauce on the side.

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