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Ban Boring from the Menu

For some, it seems as if fun has been hibernating. But for many, a new energy is stirring. Now that more people are getting out there more often, it’s actually a great time to get a little “out there” on your menu too. Bring on the flavor fireworks. Experiment with sensational forms like fried twists or taco cones. Add a pop of color here, a drizzle of smooth heat there. In case you feel like you need it, here is your permission to have a little fun with your menu this month. We’ll join you.

June Fresh Ideas

  • Basque Spiced Quesadilla

    Basque Spiced Quesadilla

    Espelette peppers (from the Basque region of France) bring a rich, smoky-sweet heat to this flat iron steak rub and crema. Fold both in a 10" Mission® Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla with queso fresco and charred cherry tomatoes—you have a punchy menu powerhouse.    

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  • TABASCO® Fried Chicken Tacos With Poblano Avocado Sauce

    TABASCO® Fried Chicken Tacos With Poblano Avocado Sauce

    Fried chicken is the perfect vehicle for the classic Louisiana hot sauce, especially when it’s folded in with fresh romaine, Colby-Jack cheese and an absurdly creamy and spicy poblano avocado sauce in 6" Mission® Heat Pressed Flour Tortillas.

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  • Halaby Pepper Roasted Lamb Burrito With Couscous

    Halaby Pepper Roasted Lamb Burrito With Couscous

    Halaby pepper paste breaks through the fat of this lamb leg just the way it should. Wrap up other hits like couscous, feta, cucumber and lemon and finish with an Allepo yogurt tahini sauce in a Mission® 10" Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla.

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