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Tortilla Encrusted Sea Bass with Mango Salsa


6" Yellow Corn 6 oz.
Tortilla Encrusted Sea Bass with Mango Salsa

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Original Recipe Serves 4


12 Mission® 6" Yellow Corn Tortillas (06942)  
4  Sea Bass fillets (8 oz.) 
10 oz.  Milk  
1 cup  Flour  
5 Fresh Smoked Tomatoes  
5 medium Roasted Jalapeno Peppers  
1 Sweet Onion (Vidalia, etc.) 
1 Ripe Mango  
1  Avocado  
1  Lime  
4 oz. Canola Oil  
2 tsp.  Salt  


1.) Shred tortillas in food processor until crumbly and set aside.

2.) Clean and trim bass fillets and set aside to keep cool.

3.) Halve tomatoes and smoke well in smoker or stove-top, instructions follow: Soak any aromatic wood chips in water and place in 4” hotel pan, insert a slotted pan, cover with foil and heat over flame until tomatoes smoke for at least one half hour.

4.) Roast jalapeños directly over stove top flame until well blistered, remove from heat and place in plastic wrap or plastic bag, sweat for approx. ten minutes then remove stem, skin and seeds.

5.) Place jalapeños and tomatoes in blender and puree well, place mixture in medium sauce pan, add approx. 1/2 tsp salt, bring to boil and reduce to low simmer for approx. 30 minutes or until desired thickness is achieved. When sauce is finished simmering, strain well, adjust salt and keep warm for use.

6.) While sauce is simmering, prepare salsa as follows: Medium dice avocado, onion and mango. Place all three in bowl. Zest approx. 1/3 of lime and add to mixture. Squeeze 1 Tbs. lime juice into mixture, add 1/4 tsp salt and mix well. Set aside.

7.) When everything else is done, prepare and cook fish as follows: Dredge each fillet separately in flour, wash in milk, then coat well with tortilla crumbs. Heat sauté pan, add enough oil to just coat bottom and sauté fillets until fish is just done and crust is nicely browned. Be sure not to overcrowd pan.

8.) Plating: On large heated dinner plate, ladle approximately four ounces of sauce in center, slice each fillet on a bias and shingle, and place in center of sauce. Sprinkle salsa liberally over fish and around the plate. Serve immediately.

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