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Chicken Tikka Tortilla Crunch Roll


12" Chipotle Chile
6" Blue Corn 7 oz.
Chicken Tikka Tortilla Crunch Roll

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Original Recipe Serves 2


16 Mission® 6" Blue Corn Tortillas (10612)  
1 Mission® 12" Chipotle Chile Wrap (10253)  
2 lbs. Boneless Chicken Breasts 
3 1/2 oz.  Tikka Masala Paste (found in Indian Markets)  
4 oz. Plain Yogurt  
12 oz.  Water  
2 oz. Cucumber Rajita  (see Related Recipe) 
5 oz. Basmati Rice , prepared 
1 oz. Mango Chutney  
1 oz. Mission® Pre-cut Unfried Tri-Color Tortilla Strips (04931) , fried and crushed 


1.) Whisk together tikka masala paste, yogurt and water in stainless bowl, breaking up any lumps.

2.) Reserve 8 ounces of marinade in separate container.

3.) Marinate chicken in remaining tikka masala sauce at least 4 hours or overnight in refrigerator.

4.) Remove chicken from marinade and grill until proper internal temperature is reached.

5.) Cut chicken into thin strips (or shred).

6.) Steam Mission® Blue Corn Tortillas and place on work surface.

7.) Place grilled chicken tikka in center of tortilla.

8.) Drizzle chicken with ½ ounce of yogurt and tightly roll to close, brushing water on edges to seal.

9.) Place in fryer until crispy.

10.) To cut chipotle wrap for rolls: 1) Cut Mission® Chipotle Chile Wrap in half; 2) Cut each half into a 8”x4½” rectangle; 3) Place both 4½” cut side of rectangles closest to you.

11.) Spread 1 ounce of Cucumber Rajita evenly over each rectangle.

12.) Spread 2½ ounces of basmati rice on front half of each rectangle.

13.) Place fried chicken tikka flauta roll in center of each rectangle.

14.) Tightly roll to close; flauta will stick out on both sides.

15.) Brush or spread ½ ounce of mango chutney over top of each roll and top each with ½ ounce of crushed Mission® Tri-Color Tortilla Strips.

16.) Cut each roll into thirds and serve.

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