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Smash Burger Taco


6" Pressed
Smash Burger Taco

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2 each Mission 6" Heat Pressed Flour Tortillas (10400)  
8 oz.  Ground Beef  
2 each American Cheese Slices 
1/2 cup Iceburg Lettuce ,shredded 
1/4 cup Yellow Onion ,shaved 
1/4 cup  Tomato ,diced 
1/4 cup  Pickle chips 
2 Tbsp. House burger Sauce ,prepared 


1.) Pre-heat griddle to 350°F

2.) Separate ground beef into 2-4 oz. balls and season with salt and pepper.

3.) Place each ball of ground beef on flour tortilla and smash, ground beef side down, with a burger press so that the meat extends to the edges of the tortillas. Cook until ground beef gets crispy and caramelized.

4.) Flip over taco, tortilla side down, and top each taco with a slice of American cheese. Cook until tortilla is crispy.

5.) Top each taco with a 3-finger pinch of shredded lettuce, shaved onion, diced tomato, and diced pickles. Drizzle with house burger sauce and serve.

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