Fusion Street Tacos


5" Regular White Taco Shells
Fusion Street Tacos


18 each  5" White Corn Taco Shells (10105)  
Shredded Brisket , see related recipe   
2 each  Cucumbers , 4" julienned strips (w/o seeds) 
4 each medium Carrots , peeled and 4" julienned strips 
2.25 cups Napa Cabbage , thinly sliced (approx. 1/4 of a head) 
Red Curry Mayonnaise , see related recipe 
Pickled Red Onion , see related recipe 
Soy Broth , see related recipe 


1.) For 1, 3 taco order: Toast 3 Mission® Taco Shells briefly in a hot oven. Add 2 oz. of shredded brisket to each taco shell; next add a few strips of cucumber, carrot and approx. 2 tablespoons of sliced cabbage.

2.) Drizzle with red curry mayo and add 4 pickled onion slices. Repeat for remaining tacos. Enjoy.

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