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Bananas Foster Crepes


6.5" Grilled-Ready Par-Baked
Bananas Foster Crepes

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2 Mission® 6.5" Grill-Ready™ Par-Baked Flour Tortillas (09301)  
 Egg Batter to dip 
 Cinnamon Sugar to coat 
1 Chiquita® Fresh Banana  
2 oz. Kahlua® Rum Brown Sugar Butter Glaze  (see Related Recipe) 
1 oz. Spiked Whipped Cream  (see Related Recipe) 
Confectioner's Sugar to garnish 


1.) Remove peel from banana and cut in half lengthwise.

2.) Cut in half again, yielding 4 pieces. Coat in cinnamon sugar and hold in warming cabinet until ready to use.

3.) Dip a Mission® Grill-Ready Par-Baked Tortilla in egg batter and place on preheated oiled flattop.

4.) Cook each side approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute until outside is golden brown.

5.) Remove from flattop and place on work surface.

6.) Place 2 sliced banana quarters in the center of each tortilla crepe.

7.) Ladle one-half ounce of Kahlua® Rum Brown Sugar Butter Glaze over bananas.

8.) Tightly roll to close, leaving ends open. Repeat for second crepe. Cut crepes in half and place on plate.

9.) Ladle remaining sauce over crepes and garnish with Spiked Whipped Cream and confectioner's sugar.

10.) Serve immediately.

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