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Red and Blue Tortilla Cones


6" Red Corn 7 oz.
6" Blue Corn 7 oz.
Red and Blue Tortilla Cones

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2 Mission® 6" Red Corn Tortillas (10611)  
1 Mission® 6" Blue Corn Tortilla (10612)  
Kosher Salt , if desired 


1.) Quickly dip tortillas in steaming hot water bath for no longer than five seconds.

2.) Remove with tongs. Tortilla should have just a slight gumminess.

3.) Place tortillas on cutting board and make a 12 o’clock cut towards the center.

4.) Roll cut side to a 4 o’clock position, then roll with index finger to 6 o’clock, 8 , 10 and 12 o’clock to close.

5.) Pinch bottom to close and rub outside edge of cone to seal.

6.) Place in fryer tip side up using a one ounce basket ladle to hold top of the cone.

7.) Hold in fryer for 10 seconds to shape and continue frying until crisp.

8.) Remove from fryer and dip top in kosher salt if desired.

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