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Tacos 3.0

MODERN TACOS: 2.0 & 3.0

Explore a spectrum of flavorful trends—from celebrated Latin authentic to worldly, masterful mashups—with the celebrated taco and a variety of deliciously approachable Mission® Corn & Flour Tortillas.

Tacos 3.0

  • Tikka Masala Cauliflower Tacos

    Crispy battered cauliflower sauced with tikka masala sits atop basmati rice in a soft 6.5" Mission® Grill-Ready™ Tortilla, the heat from toasty Indian spices perfectly balanced with refreshing cucumber mint raita.

  • Stuffed Poblano Chicken Taco

    Layers of flavor starts with smoky, earthy huitlacoche chicken stuffed into a roasted poblano pepper. Place atop hot sauce aioli in a 8" Mission® Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla and garnish with charred corn, Cotija cheese and fresh cilantro.

  • Poke Tacos with Lime Espuma

    Sweet, bright flavors mingle with honey-lime-soy-sauced fresh ahi tuna in crispy mini taco shells made from 12" Mission® Fry-Ready™ Tortillas. Top with onion,  sriracha mayo and sweet, citrusy lime espuma.

Tacos 2.0

  • Cajun Crawfish Taco

    Bold Cajun flavor and the trinity takes the taco to new territory with crawfish, spicy andouille, dirty rice, kidney beans and fresh chopped parsley in a fried Mission 6" Blue Corn Tortilla.

  • Chile Herb Tandoori Taco

    Taste exploration beckons with the familiar Mission 6" White Corn Tortilla and spicy-sweet combinations of flavor featuring tandoori chicken, golden raising chutney and cucumber-mint raita.

  • Roasted Vegetable Curry Couscous Taco

    A veggie-centric fusion of flavor comes through in a fried Mission 6" Red Corn Tortilla filled with aromatic couscous, cilantro-lime yogurt sauce, squash, bell peppers, cashews and cranberries.

  • Picadillo Tacos

    Chayote and beef Mexican-style hash thickened with Mission Pre-cut Unfired White Corn Tortilla Chips brings abounding flavor with tomatoes, onions, fresh herbs and spices in a 6" Yellow Corn Tortilla.

  • Spit Roasted Lamb Barbacoa

    Marinated, roasted lamb finds a new way to impress in a 6.5" Grill-ReadyTM White Corn Tortilla with radishes, cabbage, and queso fesco served alongside smoky tomato tomatillo salsa and cilantro-mint crema.

  • Chorizo Poblano Tacos

    A strip of fire roasted poblano lines a Mission 6" Pressed MazinaTM Tortilla, creating a flavorful foundation for savory chorizo, Mexican cheese and fresh pico de Gallo.

  • Tacos de Carne Asada

    Flavorful authenticity shines through in tender marinated steak dressed with radishes, scallions, avocado, salsa verde and crumbled cotija cheese in a Mission 4.5" White Corn Tortilla. Served with warm salsa rojo on the side.

  • Smoked Pork Belly Buffalo Tacos

    Trendy pork belly gets a serious dose of flavor from buffalo sauce and pickled mustard seeds topped with cooling fennel and celery in a Mission 6" Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla.

  • Breakfast Tacos

    Chorizo creates flavorful comfort fare along with eggs fried to order, rich manchego cheese, and spicy ranchero sauce served in a Mission 6" White Corn Tortilla.

  • Kalbi Kimchi Quesadilla Tacos

    Play up Korean BBQ flavor with grilled, shredded Korean-style short ribs coated in Kalbi and Korean BBQ sauce. Served over kimchi and shredded cabbage with onion cilantro salsa in a 5.5" Super Soft Corn Tortilla.

  • Harissa Meatball Taco

    The meatball sub gets a mouthwatering makeover with seasoned beef and lamb finished with smoky harissa tomato sauce and melting pepper Jack cheese in a 6" Mission Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla.

  • Octopus Bacon Tacos

    Savory spices and brown sugar transform octopus into seafood-style bacon in a 4.5" Mission Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla with spinach, tomatoes and hot sauce vinaigrette.

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